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Post Divorce in Florida

Modification of Alimony and Support is allowable in Florida only by Court Order. There are numerous reasons that the Court may allow an upward or downward adjustment in Alimony or Support including a substantial change in circumstances. Unemployment, retirement, job changes with substantial change in pay, inheritance, and becoming involved in a "supportive relationship" are just some of the reasons that a Court may adjust the amount of Alimony and Support ordered.

No party may just stop paying Alimony and Support without a Court Order. Should a paying party stop paying his or her full amount of Alimony or Support, the receiving party can bring an Enforcement Action against the payor for Contempt. The Court will order the payor to continue to pay the previously awarded Alimony and Support, will calculate the amount of arrearages to be paid, and provide for the payment of the back Alimony and Support in a new Court Order.

A person bringing a Contempt Motion should also request that their Attorney's Fees be paid for by the person responsible for the Back Alimony and Support.